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July 2013

ACBS World Conference in Sydney, Austrailia

ACT for ADHD: Working Mindfully with Behavioral Principles

toward Attitude Change

October 2012

Massachusetts Psychological Association (MPA)

Staying with the Heart in ADHD Skills Training:

Advancing CBT Beyond Manuals

June 2012

Society for Group Psychotherapy (NSGP)

Attitude Transformation via CBT:

Harnessing a Focused Group Process


June 24, 2016

Clinical Workshop at Massachusetts Psychological Association (MPA)

Managing Anxiety and ADHD: A CBT / ACT Approach

Balancing Emotion Acceptance, Skill Development and Motivation for Change


March 22, 2015

Clinical Workshop at Breakfast Club, New England Society for Group Psychotherapy 

Introduction to Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT):

Dose of Science, a Pinch of New Age, and a Liberal Measure of Good Old Therapy


November 1, 2014

Panel Presentation at Massachusetts Psychological Association (MPA) Annual Conference

Blending Professional Interests and Personal Passion into Clinical Practice:

Building ADHD Skills Through ACT

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